Student Responsibilities | Emergency Response Plan

  1. Remain Calm
  2. Be prepared to have the following items with you:
    • Personal medication and toiletries
    • Change of clothes, comfortable shoes, socks, sweater/jacket
    • Rain coat, umbrella or other similar gear
    • Pillow, blanket, bedroll or sleeping bag
    • Bottled water, snacks, food stuffs
    • Flashlight, batteries, candles, lighter/matches
    • Portable radio
    • Important/essential documents and Student ID
    • Personal phone book with telephone numbers of family
    • Something with which to pass the time
    • Bag to carry above items
    • A secure place for valuables
  3. Know how to contact your roomate at all times or know where she or he is going.
  4. Follow the directions of your residence hall staff.
    • Close and lock all windows and doors.
    • Unplug and secure all electrical devices and equipment.
    • Turn out lights.
    • Do not use elevators.
    • Exit building by the nearest stairwell.
    • Walk quickly to the emergency facility to which you have been directed.