Instructions for Residence Hall Staff | Emergency Response Plan

In the event of an emergency, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Residence Hall Directors : Remain Calm! You are the immediate response person for any condition in your facility. You must remain in control and avoid careless responses. Resident Assistants should be fully aware of all aspects of this plan and should be able to respond to and follow it, even in your absence or incapacitation.
  2. On Hand Equipment - Residence hall directors and staff will be issued the following:
    • Lanterns and flashlights with batteries (located at the Maintenance Storeroom)
    • Walkie-talkies or other hand-held radio communication devices (located at the Maintenance Storeroom)
    • 3/4" or 1" duct tape (located at the Maintenance Storeroom)
    • Battery-operated radio
    • Bottled water (rotate yearly) supplies, foodstuffs, etc. (located in Maintenance Storeroom & Student Cafeteria)
    • Emergency Road Pass Identification - for Student Affairs staff who would be called in to support efforts on campus
    • First-aid kits (check contents and replenish through Auxiliary Enterprises)
  3. General Directions for Emergencies: Residence hall meetings and floor meetings should be held immediately, to inform residents of the University's plans and response to the situation. Have a telephone number available at the Command Center where parents can call to get information about their student. If you remain in your present location, listed below are the local emergency service number and additional guidelines:

    Local Emergency Service Numbers:
    Command Center - 727-5000

    • REMAIN INDOORS unless you are directed otherwise. In case of a hurricane, do not go outside during any brief or calm period(s).
    • Students should be advised to know how to contact their roommate(s) at all times
    • Report immediately to the Command Center any occurence that may endanger life or property.
  4. Residence Hall Directors will sound fire alarm to evacuate the residential facilities: Follow your building's FIRE DRILL PROCEDURES to alert, mobilize and account for all residents.
    • Students to report with gear outside of buildings or in lobby areas, as designated.
    • Check floor plans and have buddy system for roommates for accountability.
    • Walk to designated facility.
    • Rosters and floor plans will be checked continuously at designated locations until all have been accounted for.
    • DIRECTORS should designate a staff member to check the building for persons who have not evacuated as directed.